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Things to Remember While Applying Hair Serum

Things to Remember While Applying Hair Serum

Hair Serum – one of the unmissable steps of your hair care routine. But do you know why you must apply hair serum? After washing and conditioning your hair, they need some extra nourishment and a hair serum provides that nourishment to your hair. A natural hair serum tames each hair strand to make it soft, frizz-free, and manageable. Besides, if a hair serum is loaded with hair-protecting ingredients, then it safeguards your hair from UV damage and heat styling products.

Are You Applying Your Hair Serum the Correct Way?

We all know the fact that hair serum application is important but are you using it correctly? Here is a quick guide step-wise guide on how to apply your hair serum correctly.

Step 1: Choose the Hair Serum According to Your Hair Type

Applying any type of hair serum is not correct. Before investing in any hair serum know your hair type. If you have oily or fine hair, you must select a lightweight hair serum that adds a little nourishment to your hair without making them greasy. If you have dry and frizzy hair, you must select a heavy or cream-based hair serum that offers your hair intense nourishment while making them manageable.

Step2: Hair Serum Must Be Applied to Damp Hair

While applying hair serum, your hair must not too wet or completely dry. For best results, you must apply a hair serum to damp hair which is towel dried.

Step 3: Hair Serum Must Be Warmed Up in Your Hands Before Application

When applying hair serum, take a small amount into your palm and rub your hands gently to warm it up before applying it to the strands. In this way, hair serum is applied evenly to your hair.

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying Hair Serum

We know that hair repair serums are important, but using them correctly is the most important. Below mentioned are the things that you must consider about the usage of hair serum.

  1. Hair Serum Can Be Applied Before Hairstyling

If you heat style your hair on regular basis then you must keep in mind that your hair needs extra care! Before the temperature of heat styling products like a straightener or curler damages your hair, start applying hair serum to safeguard your hair from intense damage. Ingredients present in the hair serum help protect your hair by preventing them from getting rough or brittle.

  1. Hair Serum Must Be Applied to Washed Hair

Hair Serum is loaded with lots of ingredients and it has a gel-like texture that adds nourishment to your hair. If you apply hair serum to your unwashed hair then it might make them greasy and sticky. It is recommended that you must apply hair serum to clean and washed hair as it helps to tame frizz, keeps them fresh and makes them manageable.

Things to Avoid While Applying Hair Serum

Hair serum is important for hair but if you do not apply it properly, it might harm your hair and damage them. Below mentioned are the few things that you must completely avoid while applying a hair serum.

  1. Be Moderate with the Quantity of Serum

When applying hair serum, you must not take an excessive quantity by thinking that it may provide more nourishment. While taking a hair serum, you must keep in mind that less is more. You must take a hair serum in moderate quantity and if you apply excessive serum, chances are your hair may look greasy and sticky.

  1. Hair Serum Must Not Be Applied to The Roots

Remember, hair serums are just for your hair not for the roots! Hair serums are only designed for application to the length of hair. If you apply hair serum from the roots to the tip, then your hair will not only look greasy but the serum might clog your hair roots and result in causing severe damage like dandruff and hair fall.

  1. Hair Serum Must Not Be Applied on Unwashed Hair

Your unwashed hair is already dirty and greasy. If you apply hair serum to your unwashed hair then it might look too greasy and weighed down.

If you are looking for a perfect hair serum that adds nourishment to your hair while making them manageable and frizz-free then stop your hunt now! We recommend you use Macadamia Nuts Anti-Frizz Hair Serum and Keratin Quinoa Protein Hair Serum which provides intense hydration to your hair. Besides, these hair serums have a non-sticky formula and suit all hair types.

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