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A Guide on How to Fix Hair Color Mistakes?

A Guide on How to Fix Hair Color Mistakes

Oops, was experimenting with a new and trending hair color but your trial went all wrong? Adding a new color to your hair is exciting but any mishappening or mistake can land you in serious trouble and ruin your overall look. But the good news is you can fix those hair color mistakes with some common tips and tricks. In this blog, we are trying to guide you on how different hair color mistakes can be fixed with easy steps. Read along to know.

Common Hair Color Mistakes

  1. Mistake: Hair Color Got Too Dark

By chance, you added some extra dye to your hair and the hair color got too dark? Well, this is one of the most common mistakes that happen.


It is difficult to lighten your dark hair color but still, there is a ray of hope. As soon as you notice that the color got too dark, you can lighten it a bit by washing it again immediately with a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo helps fade any hair color; be it black hair color or blonde hair color. After a few washes, you will see a noticeable difference.

  1. Mistake: Your Hair Has Turned Orange

Playing with blonde hair color can be tricky. An extra hue of orange color to your hair can be the scariest mishap. This happens because hair bleach got oxidized way too much.


Thankfully, you can color-correct that extra orange tint by washing your hair with the right purple shampoo that helps reduce the brassiness of orange or yellow tones.

  1. Mistake: Roots Color Do Not Match the Rest of Your Hair 

This is one of the most common mistakes where your root color doesn’t match the rest of your hair color. It might happen because your roots or hair strands don’t accept the color formula, or your roots are not fully coated with the dye.


In such a case, you must consult a professional hair colorist who will use the correct color formula to match the root dye with the rest of the hair.

  1. Mistake: Hair Dye Stains Your Skin

Even though you very carefully apply color to your hair, the dye still leaves its stain on your neck, ears or forehead. If you wait to complete your hair color application process, then the stains will get stronger and will become difficult to remove.


For this problem, we recommend you take precaution beforehand by covering your skin with petroleum jelly so that if the dye or color is applied to your skin it can be removed easily.

  1. Mistake: Dye Stains in Your Bathroom

After your hair color application, if your bathroom looks like a total mess or like a crime scene location then you have surely spilt a lot of colors. This usually happens during the DIY process where you get too engrossed in the experimentation process and forget about your surroundings.


Do not worry, we got your back. Removing dye stains from the tub, sink or floor can be a little backbreaking but not impossible. You can scrub the affected area with baking soda, vinegar, or bleach. For making your task easy, scrub using a toothbrush or sponge.

  1. Mistake: Color Does not Look as Vibrant as You Wanted

There might be possibilities that your hair color may not look as vibrant and intense as you wanted. This might happen because your hair dye application would have been for a short span or your hair are too dry.  


In this situation, we do not recommend you redye your hair but regularly nourish your hair to bring back its shine and vibrancy. Use a deep moisturizing conditioner that will help uplift the look of hair color and tone by revitalizing dryness.


These are some of the common hair coloring mistakes that might happen accidentally. If something massive happens, immediately seek help by visiting a professional hair colorist.

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