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Henna Body Wash

Henna Body Wash with Himalayan Herbs for Healthy Skin

Henna body wash
henna body wash

With an experience of more than 25 years, Kirpal Export Overseas is best known for making high-quality henna-based hair colors. After the huge success of our henna-based colors, we have decided to launch a new category of henna hair care range that provides your hair with a potent dose of nourishment and care, making them healthy, strong, and beautiful. 

Henna Hair Care range by Kirpal Export Overseas includes Henna Hair Growth Oil, Henna Shampoo, Henna Conditioner, Henna Hair Mask, and Henna Body Wash. Henna Body Wash is fortified with the goodness of natural ingredients that gently cleanses your skin to make it soft, healthy, and supple. Rich in antibacterial properties, henna body wash for dry skin is a gentle cleanser that helps to maintain skin’s natural pH balance by deeply nourishing it.

It is a natural body wash that has the goodness of henna extracts and various Himalayan herbs that helps to reduce the visibility of blemishes, dark spots, and scars. Also, it is the best body for sensitive skin that nourishes the skin. This women and men body wash is free from harsh chemicals like paraben and sulphate which makes it safe to use without causing any side effects. 

We are body wash manufacturers and henna body wash supplier who sell the best body wash for women. You can place your body wash order in bulk with us. 

Kirpal Export Overseas is a body wash supplier that is known for making the best shampoo for hair. We prioritize your well-being and hair health. For over the years, we have set up a mark in manufacturing natural henna powder, herbal hair color products, beard dye, eyebrow dye, and more that not only give you the best color but also add the nourishment and goodness of herbal ingredients to the skin, hair, and scalp. Let your beautiful skin do all the talking.