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From Director's Desk

From Director’s Desk

KEOs director

Founder & Managing Director of
“Kirpal Export Overseas” and “INDALO”

Dear Consumers/Happy Customers,

Since the beginning, Kirpal Exports Overseas (KEO) has conceived a remarkable stance with an exclusive high brand image and prestige setting the ethical standards for its best herbal hair color products in the international marketplace.

We are grateful for the surprising response and support from our happy customers that helped us footing our roots globally as herbal hair color manufacturers and suppliers. The accelerated international demands for herbal henna hair dyes enriched with the best natural herbs are contemplating our growth leading to the expansion of our product categories. We are now producing a wide range of chemical-free hair colors, henna hair dyes, and a variety of best shampoos and conditioners.

We at Kirpal Export Overseas have successfully added 100% chemical-free herbal hair dyes, henna-based color with less than 3% chemicals, and hair treatment products.

The concept of herbal and natural hair care products with the best natural herbs has provided the option for natural hair treatment and natural hair coloring experience. Within the last ten years, KEO has marked a successful brand prestige and image in the international market.

KEO has established its monopoly and pioneer success in the global market for its exclusive and best natural mixed herbs-based natural hair dyes and other chemical-free hair care products. Moreover, we have successfully targeted the untapped markets of the USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Mongolia, and Gulf nations. We also have ISO certification and other certifications – “HALAL, and GMP” ensuring high-quality herbal products.

KEO is constantly contributing to international trade and commerce with its wide variety of hair products. We, at KEO always try to innovate new and natural hair treatment formulas and potions to cater to the natural and chemical-free hair product needs of the consumers. We also aimed at spreading education and awareness about the benefits and use of the best natural herbs for healthy hair and scalp. Our studies and research have helped the development groups to formulate 100% herbal and natural hair colors leaving a long-lasting hue on hair. The hair colors are henna-based and in form of powder.

We have a vision for setting up the market for the safest hair colors, best hair products, best hair products, best hair shampoo and conditioner for international customers. Kirpal Exports Overseas have efficiently established an alliance enterprise in Japan for the manufacturing of a variety of chemical-free hair colors and the best hair shampoos and conditioners of the brand. KEO has paced to tie up close relations with reputed international cosmetic brands for a successful association in the dynamic global market. We will be providing our products to cater to the demands of the purchasers sustaining to offer our top-notch services globally. To grow in the fast-paced international market, we have expanded our yielding capacity by founding a new manufacturer equipped with innovative technology and modern mechanisms excelling in up-to-date expertise.

Aiming to revamp the hair coloring experience we have vowed to bring new product developments to ensure safe and high-quality hair products ensuring the best services to our customers and potential buyers.

With Best Regards

Mr. Sunil Walia