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Henna Eyebrow Colors
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With an experience of more than 25 years, Kirpal Export Overseas is best known for making high-quality henna-based hair colors. The range of hair henna hair colors is formulated using rich henna along with low chemicals. The different shades of henna-based colors are created using a special composition that includes natural henna powder and a minimum percentage of non-toxic chemicals.

These days dyeing henna eyebrows is a new emerging trend. Most people want to hide their grey eyebrows or experiment with a new color so that they can change their overall look. The skin on the face is sensitive, so you must choose an eyebrow color dye that is formulated with fewer chemicals. 

Before choosing the correct eyebrow color, you must remember one thing it must not irritate the skin or make eyebrows look fake after application. Kirpal Export Overseas has henna-based dye that can be used as a color dye for eyebrows. We have Private Label eyebrow henna for grey hair which include low chemicals.

Henna Eyebrow Black Dye

Henna-based dyes by Kirpal Export Overseas are available in various henna shades ranging from light eyebrow color, brown eyebrow color, chestnut eyebrow color, eyebrow color for burgundy hair, eyebrow semi-permanent color, hair colors for dark eyebrows, hair color for black eyebrows, eyebrow color for dark brown hair, hair color for black eyebrows, and more.

Hair color for eyebrows has pure henna powder, indigo powder, Indian herbs, and less than 3% chemical components. It is completely safe to use this henna color for eyebrows. With these henna color for eyebrows, you can dye different eyebrow colors.

These hair colors are an alternative to dyeing using chemical hair colors adding the shine and nourishment of henna with henna color eyebrows and other natural herbs to your grey hair. The greys are almost covered with our exclusive shades of hair colors.

Kirpal Export Overseas is an eyebrow color suppliers and eyebrow color manufactures that made coloring eyebrows with henna easy and safe. We prioritize your well-being and eyebrow health hence we strictly advise you to use natural henna color for eyebrows. For over the years, we have set up a mark in manufacturing hair color products, beard dye, eyebrow dye, and sideburn color for men that not only not give you the best color but also add the nourishment and goodness of herbal ingredients to the skin, hair, and scalp. Let your greys be covered in beautiful hues with eyebrow color for gray hair.