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Manufacturer and Exporter for Wholesale Henna and Hair Color.
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Company Profile

Kirpal Export Overseas: Pure Henna Powder and Herbal Hair Color Manufacturers in India

Kirpal Exports Overseas (KEO Henna) is a reputed herbal hair color manufacturer and henna exporter in India. We deal in pure henna powders, Natural hair colors, and natural indigo powders with global shipping. We believe in curating natural hair color products enriched with the goodness of Indian herbs.

Our company has acquired ISO certifications and is registered with the Drug Controller of Asian Nations ensuring safe and high-quality ingredients and herbal extracts. We are constantly improving our products’ excellence by infusing natural Indian herbs and accelerating as the finest henna exporters, natural indigo powder, and herbal hair color manufacturers in India. With more than two hundred employees and experience of over twenty-five years, we are working for over a hundred OEM brands.

Our natural hair colors are produced in the covered plant spreading over 10 acres area with adopted best parameters and outline quality system. We have a team of professionals and qualified technicians beholding lasting experiences to monitor the manufacturing process ensuring the quality of the products. We have two highly equipped production units to yield better quality herbal hair color products.

The constant introduction of innovative technology and the development of new production techniques, help in prioritizing client area units for the utmost consumer satisfaction. Our production activities with the best and natural ingredients in manufacturing natural hair colors excel the buyers’ approval for our herbal products.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Kirpal Export Overseas works closely with local farmers to ensure fair pricing and ethical practices. The company also invests in state-of-the-art technology and facilities to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Founder & Managing Director of
“Kirpal Export Overseas” and “INDALO”

indalo founder mr sunil walia

We are certified to deliver our products retaining their healthy and natural properties intact with the hygienic and thoughtful packaging process. Our herbal products are manufactured, researched, formulated, designed, and managed exclusively in India with the facility of shipping worldwide. We believe in “local for vocal” creating local employment opportunities and encouraging homegrown products. Thus, our natural hair coloring ingredients and Indian herbs are sourced from our henna farms that are sustainably and abundantly farmed in India.

We manufacture pure henna powder and natural indigo powder from natively harvested henna crops and Indian herbs in our fields. For generations, our farmers have home-grown natural herbs and henna for herbal hair colors. Thus, they have mastered the art of growing the best henna crops ensuring herbal formulas. Kirpal Exports Overseas has envisioned amending the hair coloring experience with our all-natural and herbal hair colors for a healthy and chemical-free hair care routine. Tackling our passion for natural and herbal hair dyes, we have excelled as pure henna exporters and manufacturers with the capacity for worldwide supply and shipping of the products. This is not where we stop, we are aiming to revolutionize the market for hair dyes and hair care products with the touch of nature and toxin-free ingredients.