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Causes of Grey Hair & Remedies to Prevent Them

Causes of Grey Hair

Hawww, your hair has turned grey, holy shit, you have so much grey hair at such an early age, oh don’t you use hair dye to hide your grey hair? Are you also tired of listening to these things? In such a fast pace generation, grey hair is still not normal. Our personality is still judged by our hair color. If you have so much grey hair then it is surely understood that you must be ageing. But this is not the situation all the time. Just like other things, we must normalize grey hair despite any age. Adding color to your hair must be a choice!

Do you know how your hair turns grey?

Our body has hair follicles which are small sacs that form skin cells. These hair follicles have pigment cells which are called melanin. These ski cells give your hair its natural colour. But with time, these hair follicles can lose their natural pigment which results in turning hair grey. Loss of melanin in the hair turns them grey.

Also, there are several reasons why your hair turns grey. Read along to know the reason and solution.

What Causes Grey Hair at a Young Age?

Grey hair has been a nightmare for most of us! But have you ever wondered about the cause behind them? Let’s see some other causes for premature greying of hair:

1. Genetics

If it is hereditary then blame your genes. In this case, you can’t do anything to prevent your hair from turning grey or reverse the color change.

2. Stress

These days the level of stress in our lives has increased massively. With stress comes a lot of health issues and other than health issues, stress can turn your colour grey. Yes, you heard that right. So, we recommend you relax a bit and control your hair from turning grey.

3. Autoimmune disease

Premature greying of hair can also be a result of autoimmune disease. This occurs when the immune system of the body attacks its own cells.

4. Thyroid disorder

Hormones also play a vital role in turning your hair grey. Hormone change often leads to thyroid problems which not only affect your metabolism but result in turning your hair grey. Be it any type of thyroid, it affects the production of melanin.

5. Vitamin B-12 deficiency

With vitamin B-12 deficiency, your hair can turn grey at an early age. It not only affects your energy but contributes to deteriorating your hair health by turning them grey.

6. Smoking

Yes, smoking is also one of the root causes to turn your hair grey. Smoking cigarettes not only affects your lungs but damages the hair follicles that turn hair grey.

How Can I Prevent My Hair from Greying? 

If your hair has turned grey then there is no U-turn. You can prevent them from turning grey by taking a healthy diet, quitting smoking or reducing stress but there is no permanent solution for the same.

If you are the who love flaunting your grey hair then it is great but if you get embarrassed due to your grey locks, then it’s time to use natural hair colors or natural henna for hair. All these natural and henna-based hair colors are available in various shades and pigments that suit best to your original hair color.

Kirpal Export Overseas is an exclusive hair color supplier where you will find out a massive range of natural and henna based-hair colors that not only adds pigment to your grey hair but nourishes each hair strand and improves scalp health

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