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How to Treat Dry Scalp with Herbal Hair Oil?

How to Treat Dry Scalp with Herbal Hair Oil

According to our grand ma’s every hair problem has only one solution – needless to say, it is OILING YOUR HAIR! For ages, it is said that hair oiling provides numerous benefits to your hair. Oiling helps to calm itching & scalp irritation, nourishes each hair strand, promotes blood circulation, reduces dandruff, and controls hair fall by adding strength and volume. Oiling your hair is necessary but if you have a dry scalp then it is essential.

Instead of running to the salon for finding the solution, we recommend you try at-home treatment to treat dry scalp. For treating dry scalp, we suggest you use hair nourishing oils.

What Causes Scalp Dryness? 

A dry scalp is a common phenomenon these days. It often occurs when the scalp loses moisture. This condition occurs due excess use of shampoo as shampoo has paraben and sulphate which results in stripping away the natural oils from the scalp. Also, dry scalp occurs due to changes in weather and lack of water intake.

How Often Should You Oil Your Hair?

We all know that oiling is good for hair but we often get confused about often we should oil your hair. So here we are to answer all your questions about the same. For treating dry scalp, one must apply oil once or twice a week. If you are new to oil your hair, then you must begin oiling your hair on alternate days and once your hair gets to oiling then you can switch to once or twice a week.

But keep in mind that excess of anything is not good. If regular oiling doesn’t suit your hair and scalp then you must stop immediately. Excess oil can make your hair & scalp greasy, block hair follicles, and causes pimples.

Best Herbal Hair Oils for Treating Dry Scalp

As said, oiling hair is important for treating dry scalp. There are numerous hair oils available in the market but not all of them give you the solution. Below is the list of herbal hair oils that you must apply for treating a dry scalp. These oils are free from harsh chemicals like paraben and mineral oil. Also, they provide great nourishment to both hair and scalp.

Argan & Apricot Hair Oil

Add nourishment to your dry and frizzy hair and scalp with KEO Argan & Apricot Hair Oil which has a blend of the most nourishing ingredients. This anti-frizz hair oil deeply nourishes each hair strand to make it soft, shiny, and manageable. There are various apricot & argan oil benefits for hair as it helps to reduce split ends, adds shine to lifeless hair, and makes them manageable.

Also, this oil protects the hair from heat damage that is caused by the regular use of heat-styling tools. This argan & apricot oil for hair has a non-sticky and quick-absorbing formula that makes it easy to use. It is free from harsh chemicals like paraben, silicone, and mineral oil.

Sesame Seeds Hair Oil

Improve the overall texture of your hair by using Kirpal Export Overseas newly launched Sesame Oil. Suitable for all hair types, this nourishing oil not only controls hair fall and promotes hair growth but deeply nourishes each hair strand to combat dry scalp.

Also, sesame seed oil for hair prevents lice infection, protects hair from harsh UV rays and controls dandruff & hair fall. This black sesame seed oil has a non-sticky and quick-absorbing formula.

Other than using herbal hair oils for nourishing the dry scalp, we recommend you use a combination of nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that are specifically made to suit the dry scalp. Also, you must select a hair serum that is induced with highly nourishing ingredients which help manage your unmanageable dry hair and tame frizz. You can buy these herbal hair oils from Kirpal Export Overseas which is the best hair oil supplier in India.

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