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Why KEO’s Natural Hair Colors Are Safe to Use?

Why natural hair color are safe to use

Coloring hair has become more of a trend than just covering up the greys. Be it the age factor or the fashion trend, dyeing hair is common in the modern scenario. However, it comes with a heavy cost as it may degrade the quality and health of hair making them weak, and more prone to heat and damage easily. These hefty issues are all the side effects of using synthetic hair dyes for the ease of setting fashion standards. As a result, natural hair colors come to the rescue because they are derived from plant-based components and are safer to use.

Natural hair colors such as henna-based hair colors have gained popularity as many hair dyes available on the market strongly rely on the components that are either harsh chemicals or synthetic coloring agents that give intense color along with harmful side effects. Apart from natural ingredients, they are multi-beneficial as they are enriched with medicinal properties which cure different hair and scalp issues. This article deals with the advantages of replacing synthetic hair dyes with natural hair colors.

Popular among natural hair colors are henna powder and indigo powder, however, herbal hair color manufacturers like Kirpal Export Overseas have formulated henna-based hair colors in a variety of shades to cater to the fashion and routine hair care needs of individuals.

Perks Of Choosing KEO’s Natural Hair Colors

There are several perks of picking up natural hair colors over chemical hair dyes. They are discussed below:

  • Formulated with natural henna powder and indigo powder.
  • Infused with natural herbs.
  • Exclusive shade range.
  • Provides full coverage and long-lasting color pigmentation.
  • No harmful after-effects.
  • Bare minimal chemical composition

Medicinal Benefits of KEO’s Herbal Hair Colors

As these natural hair dyes or henna-based hair colors comprise henna powder, Indian herbs, and indigo powder, they yield natural and medicinal benefits like:

  • Cures scalp allergies or irritations;
  • Boosts hair growth and makes the roots stronger;
  • Bid farewell to stubborn dandruff;
  • Deeply conditions hair;
  • Prevents hair breakage and split ends;
  • Prevents dryness and hair fall;
  • Conceal greys with extra effort; and
  • Adds shine and softness to hair.

Natural hair colors or henna-based hair colors provide a healthier transition to your greys and leave a semi-permanent hue to them. These hair colors are formulated uniquely with the bare minimum chemical composition to provide an innovative solution to dye your hair with ease and elegance. Unlike chemical hair dyes, the herbal hair color manufacturers used triple-sifted high-quality henna as the base and are free from Ammonia, PPDs, and peroxides which makes it safer to use and apply.

Best Herbal Hair Color Manufacturers in India

There are several hair color brands available on the market. One of the most popular Indian herbal hair color manufacturers is Kirpal Export Overseas which produces and deals in herbal hair colors and henna-based hair colors. Its natural hair colors are available in different beautiful shades like brown, wine red, chestnut, indigo, golden brown, etc. These natural hair colors are formulated exclusively with the henna base and Indian herbs. They are free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, PPDs, and peroxides to provide your hair with an organic and healthy revamp.

Herbal hair colors are gaining popularity due to their numerous benefits over harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes. They offer a safer alternative, appealing to individuals seeking natural and effective hair care solutions. You can also choose among the henna-based or herbal hair colors from the popular and best herbal hair color manufacturers like KEO to give your hair a healthy and safer makeover in your personal space.

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