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How to Choose the Shades of Beard Dye for Men?

How to Choose Perfect Shade of beard dye for men

Whether it’s colouring your hair or beard, choosing the right shade of beard dye for men is important. Dying your beard is no new concept, whether you are a beginner or a pro, choosing the correct beard dye can sometimes become tricky. Correct beard shade is almost like matching the fingerprint!

While choosing the beard dye, you must keep one thing in mind: You must feel comfortable in the beard shade and it must give you a natural look. Also, you should keep one thing in mind, whether you want to cover your grey hairs or want to fill the patches. If you want to cover the grey hair, then you must find a shade of dye that perfectly matches your hair. If you want to fill the patches in your beard, then you must select the colour of your existing beard.

Here, in this blog, we are going to guide you about how to select the perfect shade of beard dye for men.

How to Choose the Correct Shade of Beard Dye for Men

Picking an incorrect shade of beard dye can land you in some serious trouble as it looks extremely unnatural. We are sharing with you two most important things that you must keep in mind before choosing the shade of beard dye for men.

  1. Match the Colour of the Beard with the Hair Colour

Matching your hair and beard colour is important because it helps to maintain the symmetry of your face and the results will look natural. To make the perfect comparison between your beard and hair colour, check out the colour left in your hair and compare it to your beard colour. By this you can select the most natural-looking colour.

  1. Match the Colour of the Beard with the Eyebrows

Wondering, if you don’t have hair then how will you select the shade of beard dye? Well, we got your back. In this case, you can consider the colour of your eyebrows. For the most natural colors, compare the colour of the beard to your eyebrows and then choose one.

Why Choose Henna-Based Hair Colour for Beard Dye? 

We at Kirpal Export Overseas recommend you use our henna-based hair colors. Henna-based hair colors are not only natural-looking but are free from harsh chemicals. As a direct application of chemical-based hair colors can cause side effects to your skin and face.

Also, henna-based hair colors are long-lasting.

Formulated with the richness of henna and low chemicals, henna-based hair colors are not only safe to use but they offer vibrant shades in a natural look.

Kirpal Overseas Export Henna-Based Hair Colors have an extensive range of shades ranging from low-chemical dark brown hair color to black, indigo, brown henna, light brown henna, special brown, wine red henna, chestnut henna, and more.

For more details about the henna-based hair colors, visit us online.


Pro Tip: Just keep this thing in mind that initially choosing the light is easy and important because you can make the light shade darker anytime, but you can’t make the darker shade lighter again.

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