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How To Choose the Right Brow Shade for Your Complexion?

How to choose the right brow shade for your complexion

Eyebrow plays a major role in your overall appearance. A precise, perfectly arched and well groom eyebrow adds up to the look. Aging can make silver strays peep though recent years have proven the popularity of picking up eyebrow color as per the complexion. Choosing the right brow shade can be tricky and there are a variety of eyebrow products available on the market to pick from. In recent years, beauty brands have experimented with and formulated several eyebrow products that give different results.

For example, gels and eyebrow pencils provide a bolder look while powder products are used for subtle color to your eyebrows. On application with different pressure, these products yield different intensities of colors. The best to find an ideal eyebrow color and product is, to begin with, several ones according to your complexion and hair color. This article will guide you on how to choose the right brow shade.

Tips to pick the right brow shade

Eye color, hair, and skin tone are the crucial elements to keep in mind while selecting the right eyebrow color. It is not an easy task as there are several underlying factors that need to be considered while selecting the right brow shade.

Identifying your skin tone is crucial to pick the right brow shade for you. Opt for the cool eyebrow colors if you have pink and cool skin tones. On the other hand, warm shades suit you the best if you have yellow or olive undertones. In case, your skin tone is on the neutral side, you may go for both cool and warm eyebrow shades.

The golden thumb rule is to go for the eyebrow color within two hues of your hair color. In other words, persons with dark eye color can opt for brow shades lighter than their hair color and vice-versa. You do not have to get a perfect match as long as the eyebrow color compliments your skin complexion. Sometimes, going for an exact shade can ruin your overall appearance. For example, if your hair color is blonde, blending with the exact color can make your eyebrows look washed out and unappealing rather choose the eyebrow color that is closest to the darkest tone of your hair color.

Henna For Eyebrows

Tinting your eyebrows with henna is not a new trend but rather a natural and organic way to get your brows tinted. Henna for eyebrows is a semi-permanent natural dye that pigments the skin underneath the eyebrow strands. It provides a fuller, voluminous, and thicker look to your brows if you scattered and thin brows.

Trying to use regular henna for brows will not give amazing results instead used brow henna that is specially formulated for dyeing eyebrow hair and enriched with hair-conditioning minerals to make hair strong and healthy. You can buy henna row kits that come with different application tools specifically designed for tinting your eyebrows. However, a patch test is recommended before applying any of these products.

Once you have found the right shade for your eyebrows, it is time to proceed with the application. Begin with minimal application and go intense to acquire the desired results. Decide what suits your face complexion the most and go for it. Play around as your stronger brow game can conclude your whole look beautifully and precisely.

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