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How To Choose the Best Hair Color?

How To Choose the Best Hair Color

Experimenting with hair colors is quite a fun task, but it becomes difficult when it comes to opting for the best hair color. Adding a highlight or pop of color to hair can give you a glam makeover however, the choice of the wrong hair color can ruin your overall look. Thus, here is an ultimate guide on how to choose the best hair color.

We bring you a few things and tips to keep in mind for figuring out which hair color suits you the best:

Identify Your Skin Tone

Identify your skin tone, i.e., whether you are a cool-toned or warm-toned person. You can determine your skin tone by checking your wrists in regular sunlight conditions. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue, you’re a cool-toned person. If you cannot decide whether they look blue or green, you have a neutral skin tone.

In other words, warm hair colors are the perfect choice for people with yellowish or warm undertones. Hair colors such as rose brown hair color, copper blonde hair color, etc. can be the best pick for persons with warm skin tones. On the other hand, people with cool undertones can go with warm herbal blonde colors, blue-black hair hues, etc.

Tips to Choose the Best Hair Color According to Your Skin Tone

  1. Identify which colors in your closet suit your skin tone the best.

For example, if colors like red, yellow, orange, or green suit you, hues of golden blonde and brown hair colors will be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Your eye color plays a crucial role in deciding the hair color choice that suits you.

For example, persons with grey or blue eye colors can opt for cool shades of hair color like blonde hair color, ash brown, etc. While persons with hazel, dark brown, or green eyes can pick warm hair color shades like rose brown hair color, burgundy, golden blonde, etc.

  1. Selecting the right ingredients as per your hair type is one the important step when it comes to choose the best hair color, i.e., the components of your hair color should be according to your hair type. For example, people with fragile hair strands can opt for herbal hair colors as chemical hair colors can destroy the quality of your hair. Herbal hair color is enriched with natural and herbal ingredients which not only give you a perfect hair hue but also improve the quality of your hair.
  2. Going for single hair color for full hair length can sound boring, you may add highlights or ombre effects that will peek beautifully among the hair strands.
  3. If you want to cover your greys, opt for subtle shades of blonde and brown that will not only give full coverage but glam up your whole look.
  4. Avoid rich and dark colors on extremely fair skin tones as it will make you appear paler and older.
  5. Warmer hair color perfectly teams up with warmer undertones while cooler hair colors blend perfectly with cool skin tones.

Quick Tip: Keep in mind that crazy hues fade away earlier than neutral tones. Do not forget to use color-protect hair products and avoid having frequent hair washes and applying heat tools.

Once you have aced the art of picking the perfect hair colors for you, there is no going back as experimenting and playing with hair colors is fun as well as a complete makeover to your appearance.

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