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How Natural Henna Color Can Nourish Your Hair?

How Natural Henna Color Can Nourish Your Hair

Henna is one of the oldest known herbal ingredients, which has been in usage since time immemorial for a lot of purposes. Its scientific name is Lawsonia inermis and the leaves of this plant are dried and turned into powder for beneficial things in medicinal and beauty cosmetic benefits besides the common property of the natural henna color. Henna is popular worldwide for various reasons. In this blog, we will focus on henna and how greatly it nourishes our hair.

Coloring hair never goes out of style, therefore we are one of the best exporters of organic and healthier version of hair color dyes. It is readily available as natural henna for hair color for your strands, even indigo as hair colour is immensely popular.

It demonstrates that in ancient times people were likewise into hair coloring and they resorted to herbal methods. Mainly, henna was popularized due to its nourishing properties. KEO has brought back the same concept in a more sustainable way. It is so popular because it has many valuable uses such as it nourishes, conditions, and strengthens the scalp and hair follicles along with being a natural hair dye.

Henna is the natural ingredient that you can use directly on your hair to  your tresses. It imparts  a gorgeous color to your hair, especially if you have grey hair. If you ever want to attempt and dye your hair (along with packing in on the nourishment from natural Henna) without the tedious and extremely harmful bleaching process, then definitely opt for Natural Henna Color.  

Nourishment of hair through the Natural Henna Color

Whether to use it for conditioning the hair or colouring it, one can never overlook its benefits. So, let’s further know about the benefits of nourishment of hair through the usage of henna.

  • KEO Henna for nourished hair promotes deep conditioning to your strands which are required once in a while to re-energize the strands.
  • The natural properties of henna contribute to hair growth, lessening hair fall and dandruff. This is a great benefit for people who are facing severe hair fall problems. Dandruff is a very difficult task to get it off, but when it nourishes the scalp then there won’t be any dead skin from the scalp, which is actually dandruff.
  • It helps to get rid of split ends. Having split ends just doesn’t give a high finishing to your hair strands and makes it look dull and brittle without any nourishment even for a long time. You may get regular trims to avoid split ends ruining your hair.
  • Henna is a natural product which means it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which kill germs and other foreign particles. Thus your scalp health is maintained through this.
  • Henna is not just for colouring purposes, add the henna powder to your hair packs and see the difference in nourishment and style. You can easily DIY hair packs by adding curd, multani mitti, honey, or egg with henna and get that extra nourishment. Another great hair DIY pack is- henna and amla powder, they both complement each other to a great extent. Also, both these components are extremely healthy for your hair strands.
  • Henna becomes a two in one component for the hair purposes, giving a lot of nourishment and as a hair dye and people with grey hair have a benefit of experiencing the color better.

Since your great-grandmother’s time, henna for nourished hair has been used and is still used nowadays. Think of the natural henna color as a gift from nature itself. Finally, let us get some reddish brownish orangish hue to the hair strands and flaunt it more because they ain’t got any chemicals. The properties of this product are :

  • No artificial colors are added and are purely natural which means there is an extremely low possibility of scalp irritations (do take a patch test to be on the safer side) and you have coloured hair. Follow it with your routine of shampoo and conditioner.
  • It nourishes the scalp and hair strands, which makes it healthier alluding to all the benefits we mentioned above.
  • Another property is it volumizes your hair by making it dense, and who doesn’t want thick hair. Also, it works wonders on all types of hair.
  • It gives a cooling effect on your scalp and this heatwave makes you want to have a cool-cool head.
  • It is free from toxic chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and Paraben, another reason to indulge in this amazing product.

Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Natural Henna Powder, Natural Hair Colors, Henna Based Hair Colors (this has a very low % of chemical), Fast Acting Henna Colors, Indigo Powder for hair coloring, and Indian herbs.

Our products are highly tested on various parameters to make sure that they are safe because we focus on customers’ satisfaction. It is our first priority and we take great pride in providing an extensive selection of the finest quality henna and hair coloring products.

Honestly, henna is an all-around and you should definitely give it a go!

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