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Benefits of Hibiscus Powder For Hair

benefits of hibiscus powder

Understand benefits of hibiscus powder – Hibiscus is essentially located all over the land of India as it favors the tropical climate and belongs to the family of the flowering Malvaceae. It’s an extraordinarily stunning flower that has many benefits and uses beginning from hibiscus-flavored teas or coffees or cocktails to face masks to hair products and plenty more.

For hair purposes, this flower is a package of ascorbic acid that is Vitamin C, and amino alkanoic acid concentrations are usually very high, which is significant for the nutritional growth of hair. In the world of Ayurveda, the Hibiscus blossom is utilized in various medicinal and skin or hair conditions and remedies.

This is why KEO’s hair products also possess the exceptional benefits of hibiscus powder along with its extracts, which are highly beneficial for hair health. So let’s discuss more of this wonderful natural hair and skin-care essential.

Benefits of hibiscus powder for beautiful Hair:

  • Hibiscus makes hair look very lustrous by conditioning them as it is extremely high in anti oxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and anthocyanin which allows for maintaining the healthy conditions of hair strands.
  • It helps to cut back hair fall rate which in turn will improve the growth rate of hair because of amino acids present which is known for nourishing the hair strands from tips to roots. Hibiscus also enhances the production of keratin, thereby stimulating hair growth. So bye-bye hair fall!
  • This fantastic bloom even helps to prevent split ends and reduce the frizz. A lot of wavy or curly hair is irritated because of the constant frizz and tangles, so for them, hibiscus powder for hair very useful to keep away the frizz.
  • It supports the diminishing of dandruff and itchy scalp issues through its extremely soothing and relaxing properties. The reduction and control of sebum production assist in the curbing of dandruff.
  • It stimulates to give a clean and healthy scalp by never parching out the scalp to give dry flakey skin; it also aids to increases hair volume.

KEO’s hibiscus powder from Indian herbs for hair care

KEO has incredible organic and herbal Hibiscus powder under the section of Natural Indian Herbs for Hair Care. They are comprehended for the smooth sailing course to keep quality controllers have a vigil tab for the best customer satisfaction and supply all the products in safe and air-tight packaging to not spoil any of them. All the processing of herbs is taken care of at the most hygiene status with maximum significance.

Hibiscus powder is also known as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis which comes from the group of Malvaceae. Hibiscus Powder is great for hair and skin disorders. It has no synthetic flavor and no preservatives making it a really fine powder-like product by triple-sifting the powder for better quality. It is known to manage glucose levels. For skin benefits, it delivers a youthful glow by removing dead skin cells and acne.

Some uses of hibiscus powder for hair

Here are some uses of hibiscus powder for hair to achieve all these five benefits mentioned above.

  • A weekly hair mask for strengthening hair:

This is a very easy DIY hair mask in under 30 seconds. All you need are a few tablespoons of KEO’s hibiscus powder for hair, with double the amount of fresh yogurt. Mix these very well, the paste should be slightly on the runny side. Gently apply the mixture to your hair. Then thoroughly comb it into the strands. Let it sit for at least half an hour. Wash it off with a herbal shampoo.

People who are leaning toward natural and herbal products make a better choice for the environment and themselves. With this incredible and easy herbal home remedy, it is better to use a shampoo sans any of those toxic chemicals. The intense formation of lather means it is full of chemicals that are destroying your hair. Opt for herbal shampoo full of natural ingredients and no chemicals.

  • A hair mask for shiny hair:

The combination of hibiscus powder and aloe vera is mighty great for giving polished hair. This is another DIY, so extract the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf enough for your hair length and mix it with hibiscus powder. Apply to your lengths and wash it off after an hour. It gives volume, and bounce by eradicating surplus oils from the hair shaft.

  • A mask for hair growth:

Hibiscus and amla powder are very widely used for hair growth purposes. Just take equal amounts of both these powders in water to make a thick paste and apply it, let it dry then wash it off with a gentle shampoo. This mask intention’s is to assist in preserving scalp health along with controlling hair fall and split-ends.

Herbal is a better option, they don’t degrade the hair or skin, so choose KEO’s incredible hibiscus powder.

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