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Best Quality Charcoal Hair Color Manufacturer

Charcoal Hair Color Manufacturer

Charcoal Hair Color Manufacturer and Bulk Supplier to Tint Your Greys in Pretty Chestnut Henna Hue

Kirpal Export Overseas, a leading charcoal hair color manufacturer and wholesale supplier, recognizes the increasing demand for chemical-conscious hair dyes. Our years of dedicated research have honed our expertise in formulating low-chemical hair coloring solutions. Our unique blend of charcoal henna, consisting of premium henna powder mixed with less than 3% chemicals post-dilution, exemplifies our commitment to this cause.

The charcoal hair color we offer is tailored to achieve the perfect charcoal hue, infusing strands with silkiness and a glossy finish. Prioritizing minimal chemical usage, as a charcoal henna hair dye wholesale supplier, we ensures a healthier transition for your hair color. Our formulation leaves a semi-permanent charcoal pigment on greys, functioning not just as a hair color but as a treatment enriched with henna’s natural properties.

Key Highlights of Charcoal Henna Hair Dye:

  1. Low chemical composition for a safer dyeing experience.
  2. Maintains hair moisture, preventing dryness and roughness.
  3. Triple sifted high-quality henna base for superior results.
  4. Offers a healthier alternative to conventional chemical hair dyes.

The application of our henna-based charcoal hair dye is effortless and provides excellent coverage for greys. We highly recommend conducting a patch test before a full application to ensure compatibility.

Kirpal Export Overseas stands by the philosophy of providing charcoal hair color solutions that prioritize hair health without compromising on efficacy. Our charcoal henna hair dye not only delivers the desired charcoal shade but also addresses concerns like dandruff, scalp allergies, irritation, and hair fall prevention, owing to the natural properties inherent in henna.

Opt for our charcoal hair color for a refined dyeing experience that cares for your hair while achieving stunning charcoal tones. Experience the amalgamation of efficacy and care with Kirpal Export Overseas‘ charcoal henna hair dye range.

Henna-Based Charcoal Hair Dye Product Specification:

Available in Packing

100 gram, 500 gram, and 1 kg and 20kg to 25 kg bulk packing in bags. Colored metallic pouches are available.

We also have zipper pouches available in silver color.

Double Layer Vacuum packaging (Vacuum Sealed LDPE Pouch + Composite Aluminum Foil Pouch).

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