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11 in one Herbal Hair Oil
Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

Manufactures and Supplier of Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil - 11 in One Herbal Hair Oil for Treating a Dry Scalp

11 in one hair oil

With an experience of more than 25 years, Kirpal Export Overseas is best known for making high-quality henna-based hair colours. After the huge success of our henna-based colours, we have decided to launch hair oils that provide your hair with a potent dose of nourishment and care, making them healthy, strong, and beautiful. 

Introducing 11 in One Herbal Hair Oil that is infused with 11 different and powerful herbs that give your hair proper care and nourishment by controlling dandruff and white flakes. This anti-dandruff scalp oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help kill dandruff-causing bacteria from the scalp. Regular use of this ayurvedic hair oil not only reduces dandruff but calms scalp irritation and inflammation. 

This herb infused oilcontains neem, karanj, brahmi, olive oil, and more such ayurvedic ingredients that help unclog the hair follicles, control excess sebum production and improve the overall health of your scalp. Also, this natural anti-dandruff hair oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Suitable for all hair types, this ayurvedic hair oil has a light and non-sticky formula that absorbs quickly into your scalp, making it healthy and dandruff-free. 

We are anti-dandruff hair oil manufacturers from India who sell natural anti-dandruff hair oil. You can place your anti-dandruff hair oil order in bulk with us. Kirpal Export Overseas is 11 in one herbal oil supplier that is known for making the best oils for hair. We prioritize your well-being and hair health. For over the years, we have set up a mark in manufacturing hair colour products, beard color, eyebrow color, and more that not only give you the best colour but also add the nourishment and goodness of herbal ingredients to the skin, hair, and scalp. Let your beautiful hair do all the talking.