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Natural Henna Powder Supplier in USA

Natural Henna Powder Manufacturer with OEM Service-Pure Henna Powder Supplier in USA

Natural Henna POwder

Kirpal Export Overseas is one of the top Private Label Henna Powder Supplier in USA. We produce three times sifted premium quality natural henna powder, rajasthani henna powder and the best henna hair dyes. The solution to find the best quality henna powder suppliers with OEM service.

Sojat, a city in Rajasthan is famous for henna farming from where we procure Lawsonia Inermis, the best quality henna leaves for making herbal henna powder / henna dye and sought after by natural henna powder exporter in USA. This henna grows on evergreen shrubs which are 3” to 5” big in size. They are slow-growing, green, and dainty leaves that are dense and compact. These leaves are dehydrated naturally to later grind as a fine herbal henna powder.

Natural henna powders are the best henna hair dye for coloring your hair naturally. Our sojat henna powder for henna hair color gives a natural henna colors to faded hues and is the pure mehendi powder for hair.

This is the best henna for hair which gives a long-lasting color to fade your greys and whites. When applied to the hair in paste form, it pays off an herbal reddish-brown hue to the hair. 

Our herbal black henna powder naturally conditioners the hair making it thicker, stronger, and shinier. We care for our customers and understand their hair concerns resulting from chemical products, so we have manufactured the best henna hair dye powders which are 100% chemical-free and safe to use. Our rajasthani henna powder is the best mehendi for hair color in the market contributing to the herbal needs of the customers.

Why KEO is the Best Natural Henna Powder Supplier in USA

  • 100% chemical and ammonia-free
  • Finest quality henna leaves
  • Herbal and natural
  • Triple sifted premium quality
  • Products tested by lab for safe use
  • Better color pays off
  • No scalp irritation and damage to hair

Why Choose Us

Why choose our natural henna powder?




are tested by th lab


for heavy metal

No irritation

and damage to hair

Finest triple

sifted quality

Used high-quality

henna leaves to produce

Packaging Information

Packing size: Available in 100g, 500g, and 1 kg pouches. Bulk packaging bags are available for 20kg to 25kg. Colored pouches are available for 100g packaging only.

Packaging style: Our products are packed in double-layer vacuum packaging (Vacuum Sealed LDPE Pouch + Composite Aluminum Foil Pouch) for retaining the natural properties of the ingredients.

The product quality is tested at our in-house laboratory. We offer custom-designed packaging as per the customer’s choice of colors, size, and material. We also have eco-friendly packaging boxes as per the requirements with the brand name/logo printed.

3 Types of Henna Quality in Indian Market

We always use high-quality henna leaves for making our henna products

Some Healthy Benefits of Our Natural Henna Powder For Hair Coloring

  • 1

    Improves Hair Growth: - Henna powder is full of many natural properties that promote hair growth and improves the quality of hair. It repairs split ends and makes your hair thicker and lustrous.
  • 2

    Reduces Hair fall: - The henna powder when mixed with natural oils is a remedy for hair fall and strengthens the roots of the hair.
  • 3

    Reduces Pre-mature graying: - Henna powder helps in reducing premature graying of hair and improves the texture of the hair.
  • 4

    Natural Hair dye: - Herbal Henna powder is a natural hair dye that contributes to rich and natural coloring. It is an herbal hair color that works wonders in coloring the faded hues of the hair. It is a 100% chemical-free and cost-effective hair coloring product available on the market.
  • 5

    Controls Scalp Itchiness: - Henna has anti-fungal properties that give a cooling effect and soothes your scalp. It helps in controlling scalp irritation and itchiness. It nourishes your scalp and balances pH and oil production.
  • 6

    Controls Scalp Itchiness: - Using henna on your hair at regular intervals helps in getting rid of dandruff and prevents it from coming back. Henna has anti-fungal properties and helps in reducing hair and scalp problems.
  • 7

    Deep Hair Conditioning: - Henna is a natural and deep conditioner that leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and absolutely gorgeous. It improves hair quality and the hair textures leaving your scalp nourished.