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How to color grey hair with highlights?

How to color grey hair with highlights?

Needed a dreamy and seamless finish that flatters the multi-tonal effect comprehensively to disguise the grey locks? Yes, it is possible to blend greys with highlights and sweeping silver locks with an ultra-natural look. This means you are not opting for a full application of the lightening hair dye on every grey strand, instead highlighting the hair strands around it which can aid silver strays to peep unnoticeable.

Lifting grey hair with highlights provides a more natural and younger look than going for a one-shade process along with making them appear voluminous. Simply, this is better and provides a modern transition to your faded hair hues.

How to Camouflage Grey Hair with Highlights?

There is ‘n’ number of ways to disguise or blend your silver strands with highlights that means from babylights to balayage, there are several techniques that offer their own exclusive and pleasing transition. Meanwhile, not every process is meant for everyone, so adapting according to your needs the desired result can be achieved by trying one of the following techniques:

  • Conventional highlights

Old-style but never boring, the typical highlights can be opted to apply from roots to tips in an even manner followed by the process of treating the hair in foils to attain a luminous and brighter lift.

  • Bayalage

Sweeping bayalage strokes from the mid-length to the tips of the hair along with a few strokes proceeding from the roots augment a sun-kissed and youthful glow disguising the greys.

  • Lowlights

Perfect for concealing grey hair on brown or red hair adding richness and depth.

  • Babylights or micro-fine highlights

An ideal choice for those who hop to mask over a low volume of fine greys. They resemble the sun-specked natural highlights which are delicate enough to lift small silver ribbons.

The After-care

  • Your ordinary shampoo will not do anymore. Swap your regular shampoo with color protection shampoo for long-lasting highlight effects.
  • Swap the regular conditioner with a hair mask to deeply nourish your just highlighted greys.
  • Avoid heat styling tools and use heat protection to prevent the styled strands from being damaged.