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How to use indigo powder for hair coloring

Indigo is one of the most essential ayurvedic Indian herbs. The powder has a particularly deep and rich color, which is useful for hair coloring. Thus, it is an excellent natural alternative to chemical-based hair dyes. Additionally, how to use indigo powder effectively involves mixing it with henna powder to achieve a dark, shiny black color for your hair.

This natural hair dye is great for hair growth. One of the best ways to use indigo powder is;

  1. Take an adequate amount of indigo powder in a non-metallic cup.
  2. Now add lukewarm water to the indigo powder and mix to make a smooth paste without any lumps.
  3. Let it rest for 30 minutes. After 30 min, you will see a blue tint at the corners. This indicates that the indigo powder has released its dye and is ready for dyeing the hair.
  4. Always clean your hair with shampoo and dry your hair thoroughly before applying hair dye paste. Don’t apply any conditioner.
  5. To protect the skin from blemishes, apply a little coconut oil to the hairlines. Always be sure to wear gloves if you don’t want any stains on your hands.
  6. Divide your hair into many sections and start applying the dye. Layer on the paste with a dye brush and then massage it in with your hands. Once you have covered all the sections, use the remaining paste to massage your scalp, which will cover any remaining gray roots and nourish the scalp.
  7. Wash off the paste completely with normal water. After removing the indigo paste, use shampoo and conditioner.