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Are Natural Hair Dyes Safer Alternatives?

Are Natural Hair Dyes Safe?

Craving for a new hair look with pretty highlights or concealing your greys or wanna simply try out a new look, then coloring your hair is the way to go. Experimenting with your hair color can be fun but it is harmful to your hair as traditional hair dyes contain harmful chemicals and bleaches which damage your hair from the roots and can make your scalp sensitive. But thankfully, we have natural alternatives like indigo powder, henna powder, etc. for the chemical-loaded hair dyes and bleaches that can aid us in a safer way of playing with hair color variation.

Do Natural Hair Dyes Work?

Yes, natural hair dyes are worth trying out for safer, natural, and less chemical hair dyeing experiences. Natural hair dyes are no doubt the natural and organic substitute for synthetic hair colors. they are plant-based and less damaging. They do work and are supposed to be gentle and harmless as compared to synthetic hair dyes. Also, they are vegan and sustainable which is the call for modern times. However, the color pay-off of the natural hair dye tends to vary from person to person depending upon their hair type.

Henna powder and Indigo powder are the most popular natural hair dyes. Unlike synthetic and chemical hair dyes, natural hair dyes coat hair shafts, i.e., the color yielded by these hair dyes migrates into the hair shaft through cuticle gaps to further bind with the keratin and strengthen the cuticles. In other words, traditional hair colors provide good color retention but at the cost of damaging hair and scalp. 

Whereas, natural hair dye yields natural color pay-off which is softer and mild as compared to traditional dyes. However, it lacks harsh chemicals and is good for the environment. They protect the hair cuticles and improve their texture and health. The coloring components bind with hair resulting in natural shine and coloration. Overall, natural hair dyes are worthy of giving a try as they prevent the aging of hair and scalp with soft color pigmentation.