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Are Natural Hair Dyes Safer Alternatives?

Are Natural Hair Dyes Safe?

Coloring hair, highlighting natural strands, concealing greys, or opting for a new look has become the hottest norm in recent times. With this trend, people are inclined to substitute traditional hair colors with organic and natural hair dyes as they are concerned about exposing their hair strands to harsh chemicals. With the wide reach of the internet, everyone has been cautioned about the harms caused by traditional hair dyes. As such, the biggest factor in deciding the choice of hair dye is the organic ingredients and the amount of chemical composition. However, this still leaves a bit of hesitation about the safety and benefits of swapping the traditional hair colors with natural hair dyes.

Natural hair dyes consist of plant-based ingredients that provide a safer and minimum damage application as compared to chemical-loaded hair dyes. Henna powder, indigo powder, and rhubarb roots are some of the commonly used natural hair dyes. These are vegan, organic, and safer alternatives. However, one must check the ingredients before buying as all the brands do not trade in 100% natural hair dyes, there is some chemical composition.

Natural hair dyes are not promising 100% harmless claims but they are safer and better as they are loaded with natural ingredients and yield medicinal benefits for the hair. They do not contain harsh chemicals which can cause damage to your hair protein. While providing a decent color pay-off, natural hair dyes do not damage the hair cuticles that can cause the weakening of hair roots and strands. Natural hair dyes nourish the hair strands and have healing properties that soothe the scalp and eliminate skin disorders. Unlike synthetic hair dyes, they do not cause any harm to the environment and help in retaining hair health. Thus, saying “YES” to natural hair dyes is a safer and healthier choice for your hair.